Solid Solutions Mechanical engineering
Element Solid Solutions delivers an entire package from innovative concept to detailed drawings and reports.
Logistic solutions Smart design of logistic solutions and smarter tools make wind energy a more cost effective and durable solution for power generation.

Element Solid Solutions BV designs your product or machine from scratch,
and delivers all necessary engineering for your idea or project.

“Analysis, Design, Realisation.”


Projects that were handled since 2017 include:

  • Positioning systems on behalf of windblade production
  • Blade transport systems
  • Lifting tools for windblades
  • Positioning/ handling station in packaging production line
  • Product design and engineering off shore valves
  • Handling equipment during windblade production
  • Universal solutions for handling components
  • Development of universal windblade fixtures


Besides engineering services the following products will be available for purchase. Products that are under development:

  • Universal Shearweb Lifter (Beginning of 2021)
  • Universal Windblade Root Transport fixture (2021)


a thorough analysis of a problem or question resulting in a clear project scope. Solidworks Premium (in house license) and sometimes Inventor, a creative mind and a pragmatic approach.


a good project execution relies on 25 years of experience varying from process development to product design, the last 13 years have mainly been focused on developing solutions for wind energy.



Improve your surroundings by working efficiently.



Finding efficient and simple solutions for questions or problems.

“You cannot think outside of the box until you know what the box is.”



Design and engineering

Designing from scratch starts with a well defined scope. Brain storming and writing, methodical design and generation of multiple concepts for review are used to determine a final concept.

Engineering occurs according to (inter)national standards and guidelines, while pro-actively keeping in touch with the customer to ensure high quality of the final product.


Project Management

A streamlined project management helps achieve the right goals, in time. ISO 9001 is used as a guideline to ensure quality and keep a grip on the timeline of your project and the quality of the deliverables.


Detailed engineering

Fabrication methods need to be defined in an early stage in a project. The fabrication method is of course crucial for the detailed engineering and drafting, and which tolerances can be achieved. Drafting occurs according to local standards and using Element or client templates.


Risk analysis/ FMEA -support

On request, risk analyses according to ISO 12100 standard can be delivered, which is required for CE-certification of your product and recommended for your semi-manufactured goods.

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis is a valuable tool to structure the design process, not only for safety issues,  but also to optimize ease of use and prevent quality issues.